Nissha Metallizing Solutions Energy Efficiency Plan is powered by GESCO

cogeneration plant Nissha Metallizing Solutions by GESCO spa

Nissha Metallizing Solutions Energy Efficiency Plan is powered by GESCO

Nissha Metallizing Solutions (NMS), a packaging company in Casalgrasso (CN), with 170 employees and a turnover of around 80 million euros, produces 85% of its own electricity needs thanks to the new 2MW cogeneration system and 272 kW photovoltaic plant built by GESCO Spa.

The energy efficiency plan implemented in 2023 by the company will reduce Casalgrasso plant energy costs by around 1 million euros in 2024 and has been chosen as a pilot project for the NMS facilities. This saving allows the company to balance the increase in energy costs caused in recent years by international tensions and inflation.

Nissha Metallizing Solutions specializes in high vacuum lacquering and metallization solutions for the labeling, flexible packaging, and food & beverage industries and joined Nissha group in 2015.

The two new energy plants in Casalgrasso are worth over 3 million euros and have been fully financed by GESCO, one of the leading independent Energy Service Companies in Italy, through an enhanced Energy Performance Contract.

"The start-up of the cogeneration plant and the photovoltaic system is only the first step in our energy efficiency strategy. We also commit to reduce consumption and emissions, two crucial issues for a highly energy-intensive and environmentally conscious company like ours, in order to effectively approach ESG matters” said Agostino Rossetto, Site Manager & Group Sustainability Director of Nissha Metallizing Solutions.

"We are truly proud of this highly customized project for a plant with specific requirements in terms of available space and energy needs," added Andrea Giannini, GESCO Spa President and CEO.
"From a technical standpoint, the first plant we built is a quad generation system, with three different heat exchange sections on the flue gas line - producing simultaneously hot water and diathermic oil at two different operating temperatures, as well as a lithium bromide absorption chiller generating cooling energy through the waste heat produced by the endothermic engine cooling jackets.
The machinery fits in just about 132 square meters.

Shortly after we also built a photovoltaic system with a peak electrical power of 272 kW, further fulfilling Nissha's needs for savings and environmental impact reduction.”

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